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Wonder of Dinosaurs

Website 1815 Hawthorne Blvd UNIT 301, Redondo Beach, CA 90278  +1 951-543-6011

The Wonder of Dinosaurs is the best place to visit with your little ones. This two-story site is filled with Dinosaur fun, like the interactive Dinosaur museum, the Dino-themed bounce castles, the Dinosaur train, and even a Dinosaur-themed mini golf course. Wonder of Dinosaurs is located just minutes away from Lawndale, on Levels 2 and 3 of the Redondo Beach South Bay Galleria Mall. The main floor is home to an impressive assortment of animatronic Dinosaurs, a train, a carousel, and a mini golf course, and if you go up, you can find tons of different games like wall-to-wall bounce castles.

Wonder of Dinosaurs is perfect for families with kids. There are plenty of fun activities for them, and you can also stroll around the mall, grab lunch, or hit the beach in between their visits. Wonder of Dinosaur offers the most extensive dinosaur display on the West Coast. It also provides the best dinosaur-themed recreation and educational tours for the young and young at heart.

This recreational site has a massive exhibit floor that features 100+ both static and robotic Dinosaurs. Every dinosaur display consists of detailed and fascinating scientific information and fun facts about each creature; we assure you that the Tyrannosaurus Rex, best known as ‘The King,’ is worth the visit. The educational tour discusses the late Cretaceous 2 million year reign and provides insight into the most heated debate in paleontology… Was the Tyrannosaurus Rex a pure hunter or a scavenger as well?

Brachiosaurus is another must-see exhibit with realist fossils and a fantastic setup that mimics the herbivore’s natural habitat. It consists of artificial plants, faux carpet grass, perfectly sculpted eggs, and a couple of hatchlings and juveniles in robotic motion. Besides the dinosaur-themed activities for the little ones, The fun 18-hole mini gold course hugged by dinosaurs is a fantastic opportunity for all the family members to have fun. There’s also the Ride-A-Trex attraction. Where you can hop on spinning dinosaurs, keep in mind that there’s a 120-pound weight limit. 

Wonder of Dinosaurs knows that education is essential to everyone’s life, but so is exercise! And that’s the main objective of this museum is to create exhibitions that not only educate but entertain with an array of fun activities.