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Lawndale’s Music Paradise: Under The Radar Records

Under The Radar Records is a music store located in Lawndale, California. It caters to music enthusiasts and has an impressive collection of music-related items such as vinyl records, tapes, CDs, band merchandise, and vintage t-shirts.

As you step through its doors, you’re enveloped in a warm embrace of nostalgia as the gentle hum of vinyl records fills the air. The ambiance is of quiet reverence, where each crate and shelf promise musical discovery. Here, amidst their curated collection, patrons can voyage through a diverse tapestry of musical genres, from the iconic sounds of classic rock to the avant-garde melodies of indie gems.

Beyond its vast collection of musical treasures, Under The Radar Records is a veritable playground for audiophiles, offering an array of turntables and collectibles to elevate the listening experience. Whether seeking to rediscover old favorites or stumble upon new sonic adventures, visitors will find something to delight their ears and captivate their hearts.

Among the store’s latest arrivals are several noteworthy picks that promise to enthrall music lovers of all stripes. From the infectious beats of MF DOOM’s MM…FOOD to the soulful melodies of SZA’s SOS, each album invites listeners on a captivating sonic odyssey. With offerings spanning the breadth of musical expression, from the indie rock excellence of Arctic Monkeys’ AM to the hauntingly beautiful folk-rock of Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher, there truly is something for every discerning ear.

Yet, the most compelling aspect of Under The Radar Records lies in the passion and dedication of its owners. With roots deeply intertwined with the fabric of the local music scene, they infuse the store with a palpable sense of love and reverence for the art form. For them, Under The Radar Records is not merely a business but a labor of love—a communal gathering place where music enthusiasts can come together to share in their mutual adoration for all things sonic.

So, whether you’re a seasoned vinyl collector or a curious newcomer, Under The Radar Records welcomes you to venture on a journey of musical exploration. Transport yourself to a world where music reigns supreme by opening your heart to the melodies within.

16129 Hawthorne Blvd ste c, Lawndale, CA 90260 | +1 310-921-8688 |