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Rudolph Park in Lawndale California

Before Lawndale was what it is today, it used to be dunes. The design of this Park takes inspiration from Lawndale’s geomorphology and mixes it with modern architecture to create a unique landscape. This 2-acre Park is filled with beautiful places for kids to play, exercise, socialize, and even host events! The main goal of this Park is to enrich the lives of the community and inspire others to connect with nature.

This Park offers shaded areas, picnic tables, and an amphitheater for the community to gather. The playground is divided by a hand-made mosaic artificial stream that flows into the sand pit. There are also climbing nets, a climbing wall with nooks, and an embankment slide.

Visitors can join the Trust for Public Land Fitness Zone® exercise area along the walking path or atop a viewing deck. Here you’ll find green grassy lawns, drought-tolerant landscaping, and screens that separate the Park and the surrounding residencies.

Rudolph Park has many sustainable features like the restroom “green roof” that provides insulation, the screens features between the Park and the residencies, the bioswales filter that returns the stormwater into the groundwater, and the drought-tolerant palette, among other amenities.

This Park is the product of a five-year-old planning, beginning with the City’s purchase of the underlying property for recreational purposes in 2011. The Park came to life with the help of Lot to Spot and the Trust for Public Land. With all its amenities, one of the primary purposes is to give the local families a fun and beautiful place to hang out. That’s why they made the families part of the project. They’re the ones that created the unique and colorful mosaic that adorns the Park’s climbing wall, the children’s water play area, and the entry