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Located 10 minutes from Lawndale in Redondo Beach, QUEST ROOM was established in 2006. Ivan P. -QUEST ROOM owner- is a passionate escape room enthusiast. Ivan loves playing escape games and designs them in a way that he considers gratifying when immersed in one.
QUEST ROOM is an interactive escape room establishment that makes one of the best escape rooms in North America. This establishment’s games focus on blurring the thin line between the game and reality. QUEST ROOM winds up your brain in an out-of-the-ordinary fun adventure by turning you into the main character of a unique story.
You can find this establishment inside the South Bay Galleria’s 3rd floor and use it as a unique option for parties, events, and team building! With two 45 minutes rooms and three 1 hour rooms, QUEST ROOM caters to all experience levels looking for a fun interactive experience. The 1-hour rooms boast live actors as a part of the escape game, which will genuinely heighten your escape room immersion. QUEST ROOM has everything you could ask for, from family-friendly to stary to cater to everyone.

Challenge your brain in QUEST ROOM’s intricately designed and handmade settings, made for the most exciting adventure escape rooms can give! The QUEST ROOM rooms have been created with detailed attention and are filled with exciting, unusual, and unique puzzles!

1815 Hawthorne Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 900278  |  | 323-307-2090